The start of the end

It’s taken ten years to get to this point.

Through the haze of shattered promises and gut wrenching letdowns something snapped.

I finally realized.

Enough is enough.

If I valued myself the time is now to say nothing and actively stop the cycle of abuse.

I am done.

I will no longer hope for what could be or despair at what was.

I’m reborn stronger. New.  Free of the empty abyss.

No longer a prisoner of want, waiting to be sucked into the black hole of future days never meant to be.

Days I know won’t be.

It’s the hurt keeping you in.  The relationship I wanted will never be.

Can never be.

Today I make the decision.  The only decision I can make.

No contact.

I will no longer hope, look forward to or play games with this malicious person.

I am not equipped to play equally with them, thank God.

They are black holes.

I am a father, a star a business man and today!  August 3rd, 2021, I vow to never fall into the web of deceit and betrayal again. She is nothing to me.  A person to deal with.  A impediment to parenting.  A person I no longer need to hear from.

I am done and freeing myself of the drudgery of low self esteem and fighting to find meaning in what is complete chaos.

Today, I take back my power.  Forever.

I say goodbye to the ME that would stand for less than I deserve.

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