QUIZ – Am I With a Female Narcissist

Answering on a scale of 1 – 10.

10 = Completely Agree

1 = Do Not Agree At All

Here we go…

#1) You feel “less than” for staying with them

#2) Every time something special (like a birthday or a promotion) comes up she sabotages it.

#3) You’re sure they’re cheating but don’t know 100%. When confronted she provides plausible deniability.

#4) I am careful about what I say to (and in front of) her to avoid upsetting her.

#5) The sex is amazing.  She swears you’re the best and you feel the need to ask if you are.

#6) You’ve caught her in obvious lies.

#7) You’re not as close to your family as you once were.

#8) You get the sense that being close with people (other than them) upsets her.

#9) You feel grateful they pay attention to you and ignore previous damage.

#10) Frequently, you feel they are lying, but choose to give them the benefit of the doubt.

#11) They had a “trauma” in the past

#12) They triangulate people against you

#13) You get the sense her family does NOT like you

#14) Her family is self-centered

#15) When you are low she tries to take you lower.  (ex. leaving you after losing your job)

#16) She is most engaged when you are upset.

#17) You feel your suffering amuses her or further invests her in this farce of a relationship

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